About me

About me

Why I write?

Because there’s a kernel of truth or wisdom, of pain or pride to be discovered in every little thing that happens around us each day. Because it’s fun and because in fiction, it’s up to the author to decide whether to hide the message or let it shine through. Not necessarily by changing the world but at least by changing the way we see it …


My Philosophy

The world is a huge place.
Some of us may try but no one can be everywhere. Go out and experience it!

Let it Be


A mix of old-fashioned US-High School topped off with a Master’s Degree in International Relations. Add to this a youthful fascination with aviation and an apprenticeship in Germany to hone some commercial expertise which someone had to convince me was useful, if not necessary.

This combination of skills and interests took me nearly everywhere from California to Cairo, Cape Town to China (and lots of other places that don’t start with C). Nowadays, and in addition to writing, I have a deep affinity for my family, warm places near the sea, electric guitars and travel, especially with a comfortable ride and good food – spicy and preferably vegetarian.